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Create Clarity and Make Great Decisions In Your Business

What can make your business thrive, even in difficult times? Without question, it’s your spirit.

With spirit, you can face and solve every business challenge, contribute to making a better world and enjoy your life at the same time It will be your most valuable asset in the coming months and years.

Hosted by Matt Murphy, author of "Dream to Realisation: The Business Owner's Journey" and Sarah McCrum, author of "Love Money, Money Loves You."

Jan 17, 2022

Another conversation about money, where Lina Chero describes how to she overcame her Catholic roots of shame and guilt about money and a belief that the harder you work and the more you suffer the quicker you go to Heaven.

Jan 5, 2022

Exploring the story of Gail Spence, who was the designer of iconic glasses worn by many celebrities during the nineties. Gail recently came out of retirement as her glasses are relaunched. A fascinating story of a woman who was always driven by her desire to create and innovate.

Dec 28, 2021

Special guest, Dave Smith, describes his personal money journey. He changed direction from going deeper and deeper into debt to discovering a sense of agency and power in his relationship with money and life, which brought financial abundance with it. And he shares a remarkable insight right at the end about the true...

Dec 20, 2021

If your business has a big purpose or a powerful mission, you may find yourself feeling very small at times. It can be daunting to face major world challenges, large numbers, unethical competitors or a significant and sizeable goal. So how can you manage your own feelings when facing your noble goal?

Dec 13, 2021

When business is busy it’s easy to forget to celebrate your achievements. It’s important to keep your eye on where you’re going, but it makes such a difference to stop from time to time and look back at what’s happened so far. There’s usually a lot more to celebrate than you might imagine.