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Create Clarity and Make Great Decisions In Your Business

What can make your business thrive, even in difficult times? Without question, it’s your spirit.

With spirit, you can face and solve every business challenge, contribute to making a better world and enjoy your life at the same time It will be your most valuable asset in the coming months and years.

Hosted by Matt Murphy, author of "Dream to Realisation: The Business Owner's Journey" and Sarah McCrum, author of "Love Money, Money Loves You."

May 24, 2021

It’s hard not to compare yourself with other business owners. Maybe they get better results than you. Maybe life seems easier for them. Maybe their business is growing faster than yours. But these kinds of comparisons get in the way of growing your business in your unique way, which will never be the same as anyone else. So how can you deal with the tendency to compare in a way that is more valuable for you and your business?